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Derek Ramsay insists that Kris is just 'best friend'

Derek Ramsay is happy with the friendship she shares with Kris Aquino.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

7/11/2014 in News
Derek Ramsay insists that Kris is just 'best friend'

Although former Kapamilya actor Derek Ramsay confirmed that he occasionally goes out with Kris Aquino and her kids, he clarified that they are just friends.
“We are very vocal that we are best friends,” says Derek an interview with ABS-CBN News after the press conference of his upcoming movie. “She knows a lot of things in my life that I'm comfortable to share and likewise with her.”  
He also adds, “She knows some problems that I have and she also asks me for advice.  So her coming to me for advice shows how much she values our friendship. The advice is not only about love life, it's about different aspects in life. She definitely has been a big help to me.”
Asked if he welcomes the thought of having romantic relationship with the host-actress, Derek insists, "she's my friend and it's hard to answer questions like that. But the way I see it now, no, magkaibigan kami.

Although Derek admits going on dates, he assured that is happily single.

"I'm still dating, but it's hard to balance it with the things I'm handling right now,” says Derek. “It's hard to go far than that, na hindi ko nabibigyan ng attention.”
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