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On Cam: Sam Concepcion gets mauled

Until when will Bella play with Terrence's heart?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/9/2014 in News
On Cam: Sam Concepcion gets mauled

Terrence (Sam Concepcion)  did a number of great things to prove his love for Bella (Julia Barretto).
Terrence (Sam Concepcion), who walked around the street naked, was mauled by barangay official when a girl sought help for mistaking him for a rapist. Mira (Julia Barretto) saved him nonetheless.
Despite being humiliated and harmed numerous times because of Bella, Terrence is still eager to get her.
The next day, Mira and her friends were pleased to see the naked photos of Terrence on the internet. On the other hand, Jeremy (Enrique Gil) and Osang (Pokwang) got bothered as they see Mira becoming more and more vengeful.

Now that Iris (Mika Dela Cruz) is investigating Bella, will she eventually know her secret?
Anne Curtis searches for estranged mother

After finding out that her guardian kept the truth about her mother, Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) decided to keep her search for her real mother a secret from Banak (Ai-Ai de las Alas).
Meanwhile, the two men competing for Dyesebel’s love and attention, Fredo (Gerald Anderson) and Liro (Sam Milby), accompanied her on her search.
However, as they reached their destination, Mang Kanor (Baron Geisler) cornered them asking to surrender the magical shell.

Jake Cuenca is on coma; Coco Martin, Tirso Cruz III get ambushed
Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez), resentful that his grandson Franco (Jake Cuenca) fell on coma after driving the car with a broken break meant for Samuel (Coco Martin), spearheaded an ambush for Samuel and for his father Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III).
Luckily, both Samuel and Eduardo survived the incident.
However, Miranda (Cherie Gil) was inconsolable after realizing that he was the reason why Franco’s life is at risk. She swore not to let the incident pass, but Maximo was confident that his own daughter wouldn’t report the crime that he masterminded.
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