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Bunjoy gets mad after another revelation

Adrian (Jericho Rosales) has just won over his son Bunjoy (Louise Abuel), but only for a limited time. Why? Because of another revealed secret.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/4/2014 in News
Bunjoy gets mad after another revelation

Adrian went on a vacation with his kids Bunjoy and Martina. Monica (Angel Locsin) was supposed to join her family, but decided not to during the last minute.

Little did Adrian know that Nicole (Maja Salvador) and their son Jacob were in the same resort. 

Adrian wants Bunjoy to know the truth from him and not from other people, so he informed Monica, who came over instantly to the resort.

Finally, Adrian revealed to Bunjoy that his Tita Nicole’s son, Jacob, is his brother.

Bunjoy cursed his father why he kept hurting him and his mother. Bunjoy stormed and left both Adrian and Monica crying.

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