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#BetYouDidntKnow: How did the characters in the movie ‘Feng Shui’ perish?

Would you keep a “lucky” antique ornament as a house décor only to witness your loved-ones siphoned by its hidden curse?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/3/2014 in News
#BetYouDidntKnow: How did the characters in the movie ‘Feng Shui’ perish?

The movie “Feng Shui” released in 2004 follows the story of Joy Ramirez (Kris Aquino), who unwittingly picks a cursed bagua mirror.

The bagua’s original owner was an ancient Chinese woman called “Lotus Feet” who was deserted by her brother and was consequently burned alive inside her mansion by her servants.

The mirror brought Joy series of lucks and deaths of her friends and family members. Every case of death corresponds “luck” for the owner.

1.    Movie character: Evart Mendoza (random co-passenger in a bus Joy boarded in)
Chinese zodiac sign: Rabbit
Cause of death: Hit by Rabbit Liner bus
2.    Movie character: Aling Biring (owner of a bakery where Joy buys)
Chinese zodiac sign: Rat
Cause of death: Leptospirosis
Luck brought by the curse: Job promotion
3.    Movie character: Mang Nestor (Joy’s neighbor)
Chinese zodiac sign: Rooster
Cause of death: Killed in a brawl held in a cockpit
4.    Movie character: subdivision’s security guard
Chinese zodiac sign: Snake
Cause of death: Stung by a venomous snake
Luck brought by the curse: An inheritance given by her late client
5.   Movie character: Alice (Joy’s friend)
Chinese zodiac sign: Horse
Cause of death: Pushed and fell on crates of Red Horse beer bottles
6.  Movie characters: Inton and Dina (Inton is Joy’s husband while Dina is Inton’s mistress)
Chinese zodiac sign: Dog
Cause of death: Shot dead by Dina’s husband who was born on the year of the dog
Luck brought by the curse: Won a prize from a grocery store

7.  Movie characters: Denton and Thelma/Ingrid (Denton and Ingrid are Joy’s children while Thelma is her bestfriend)
Chinese zodiac sign: Ox/Rooster
Cause of death: Car collided with a truck of cows and chickens
  Luck brought by the curse: None, for she has already refused to receive a payment from Lily who wanted to buy the cursed bagua.
A sequel with a working title of “Feng Shui 2” was confirmed by Kris Aquino. The cast includes Coco Martin, Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino.

Award-winning director Chito Roño is tapped to helm the film for Star Cinema's official entry to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival this December 2014.

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