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On Cam: Julia Barretto continues with her plan

Mira’s (Julia Barretto) guardian thought that she is ready to let go of Bella. But, Mira is not yet over getting even with her father.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/25/2014 in News
On Cam: Julia Barretto continues with her plan

As Paeng (John Lapus) succeeded in encouraging Osang (Pokwang) to come home to help him stop Mira (Julia Barretto) from hurting other people as Bella, Mira, on the other hand, promised to leave PYTeens.But instead of giving up her other identity, Mira requested to PYT’s management not to give her any loveteam. 
Meanwhile, Iris (Mika Dela Cruz) is secretly stalking her to gather evidence that Mira could transform herself as Bella using a magical flower. 

Bea Alonzo discovers Paulo Avelino-Maricar Reyes affair

Even Rose (Bea Alonzo) is inside the jail paying for a crime she did not commit, a private investigator hired by her father visited her in the cell to reveal that her husband Patrick (Paulo Avelino) and stepsister Sasha (Maricar Reyes) used to be college lovers. 

Her jealousy fueled even more when she called up Patrick and heard Sasha’s voice in the background. 

Will this tarnish their relationship for good?

Anne Curtis, Ai Ai de las Alas reconcile

After Banak (Ai Ai de las Alas) kept the truth from Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) that Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) is her long lost daughter, Dyesebel has totally lost her trust to Banak.

So when Dyesebel woke up after falling unconscious due to injuries caused by the other mermaids, Lucia instantly fulfilled her duty as a mother to her estranged daughter promising the she would not allow anyone to draw them apart.

Meanwhile, Fredo (Gerald Anderson) informed Dyesebel that her guardian Banak also looked after her and cared for her while she was asleep.

Dyesebel approached Banak and forgave her saying that the latter will always have a special place in her heart.

Jake Cuenca fools Kim Chiu

After being humiliated in front of many people as Franco (Jake Cuenca) disowned the child that she is carrying, Isabelle (Kim Chiu) has once again tried to leave Franco. However, the latter promised that he will try to change in the hopes of keeping their family intact.

Gullible Isabelle gave her husband another chance. Franco, on the other hand, kept on pretending that he is still paralyzed down the waist.

However, the townspeople are also talking about the possibility that Samuel (Coco Martin) was the one who impregnated Isabelle.

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