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On Cam: Zoren Legaspi plays father to Jairus Aquino this Saturday on ‘MMK’

How should a parent guide his child in setting priorities?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/20/2014 in News
On Cam: Zoren Legaspi plays father to Jairus Aquino this Saturday on ‘MMK’

For the June 21 episode of “MMK,” Zoren Legaspi will play the role of Bibi, a loving and doting father to teenage boy Dandoy (Jairus Aquino). Bibi fervently works for his child's educational needs, for he dreams that his child will finish his studies. However, things get complicated when Dandoy left school because of longboarding.
How will Dandoy prove to his father that he made right decision?
 This June 21 episode of "MMK" also stars Yves Flores, JB Agustin, Assunta de Rossi, Joe Vargas, Marc Solis, and Lance Lucido who will play as the young Dandoy.
This episode is helmed by Raz de la Torre and written by Mark Duane Angos and Arah Jell Badayos.
Catch "MMK" every Saturday night after "Home Sweetie Home" on ABS-CBN.
Bea Alonzo chooses Paulo Avelino over her father

Finally, Rose (Bea Alonzo) and Patrick (Paulo Avelino) became an official couple.
However, Rose’s father Henry (Chinggoy Andrada) thinks that Patrick is only using Rose to get rich. He offered Patrick two million pesos in exchange of leaving Rose, but Patrick refused to accept the money.
Rose, for one last time tried to convince her father to give his blessing to their relationship, but he disowned Rose instead and disinherited her.
Rose accepted her father’s decision and went with Patrick.
Enrique Gil leaves Julia Barretto

In a desperate attempt to beat their rival company PYT, Olive (Mylene Dizon) hired a man to pretend as Jeremy’s (Enrique Gil) father. Jeremy chose to live with his father in Canada, thus leaving his career as a model and his loveteam with Bella (Julia Barretto).
As the two incidentally met in Greenfields campus, Jeremy asked Mira if she could let Bella go in order for him to stay. Mira chose to pursue her revengeful plan.
This afternoon on “Mirabella,” Iris (Mika dela Cruz) will finally discover Mira and Bella’s secret. Don’t miss it!
Dawn Zulueta gets abducted
Mourning over the loss of her estranged daughter Beatrice, Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) and her adopted daughter Betty (Andi Eigenmann) went out of town to cope with her loss.
Meanwhile, Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) discovered that she is Beatrice, the long lost daughter of Lucia.
However, when Dyesebel was about to reveal the truth about her real relationship with Lucia, the latter got abducted by Queen Dyangga (Eula Valdez) and used her as a hostage, so Dyesebel would surrender herself and the magical shell.

John Estrada gets arrested

After finding out that Gonzalo (John Estrada) kept the gun that was used to shot Miranda (Cherie Gil), Rebecca (Angel Aquino) also discovered that her husband was also the person behind the abduction of Samuel’s (Coco Martin) son through Isabelle (Kim Chiu).
Determined to rectify her husband’s misdoings, Rebecca coordinated with Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III) to have Gonzalo arrested.
Gonzalo tried to escape from the authorities but he failed nonetheless. As he got cornered, will he finally reveal his another secret—that Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) was the one who shot Miranda?

Catch the next episode tonight.
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