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‘The Legal Wife’ finale breaks records

How did the last episode of “The Legal Wife” skyrocket to its phenomenal 36.2% rating? Read on.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/16/2014 in News
‘The Legal Wife’ finale breaks records

Jacob was accidentally locked up in the car by his own mother Nicole (Maja Salvador) for the sake of begging Adrian’s (Jericho Rosales) love. Despite her hatred to Nicole, Monica (Angel Locsin) saved the mistress’ son from suffocation. This incident made a turning point for Nicole’s life.

Nicole gave unending apologies for Monica. She then reconciled with her father Dante (Mark Gil) and agreed to start anew with Jacob.

Meanwhile, Monica admitted that the time she held Nicole’s son, every pain and fear came rushing back at her. Nevertheless, she can’t let go of her feelings for Adrian. She was and still deeply in love with her husband.

However, Adrian wrecked her into pieces after his affair with Nicole and she cannot let Adrian do this again to her and their family.

It was a mutual decision for Monica and Adrian to end their affair, although not permanently. Monica returned her wedding ring to Adrian and bade their last goodbye saying, “Sana itago mo mabuti kasi malay mo dumating ‘yung araw na masuot mo uli sakin yan.”

Has their affair really ended? This much anticipated finale broke records with a soaring 36.2% rating despite the show's late evening slot.

Can the fans of the show expect a second part to "The Legal Wife?"

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