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On Cam: Anne Curtis is engaged?

Alfred (James Blanco) started to become miserable and he is blaming Mira (Julia Barretto) for all of it.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/16/2014 in News
On Cam: Anne Curtis is engaged?

After Alfred (James Blanco) accused Mira (Julia Barretto) of harming Lucia (Gloria Diaz), Mira realized that she could not have a father figure in him. 

Just when Lucia (Gloria Diaz) thought she have succeeded in keeping away Alfred from her daughter and granddaugther after revealing the truth that it was Alfred who hurt her, she was also compelled to admit that she paid a woman to seduce Alfred. 

Meanwhile, Mira together with her family filed criminal charges against Alfred. However, the hearing was moved prompting them to wait for another three months for the progress of the case.

Because of this, Mira decided to use Bella to get justice.  

Gerald Anderson, Anne Curtis are engaged

Liro (Sam Milby) secured an exclusive island to Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) where they could peacefully live as mermaids with Banak (Ai-Ai de las Alas) away from humans and mermaids who are trying to avoid them. 

Meanwhile, Fredo has proposed to Dyesebel in public. Dyesebel accepted the proposal which broke Liro's heart. 

Just like Liro, Banak was not also pleased with the news.

Jake Cuenca enslaves Kim Chiu

Believing that Isabelle (Kim Chiu) and Samuel (Coco Martin) are having an affair, Franco (Jake Cuenca) fooled everyone that he got paralyzed after the car accident. 

He also drove all of their helpers and nannies at the mansion which forced Isabelle do all the household chores.

Despite it all, Isabelle took all the responsibilities as she feels guilty of Franco's situation. 

Meanwhile, Samuel who get to witness all of Isabelle's burdens could only do so much. 

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