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#LISTAMACUJA: Movies to watch this Father’s Day

It's Father's Day and it is just right to celebrate the heroic deeds our fathers are doing for us everyday.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/15/2014 in News
#LISTAMACUJA: Movies to watch this Father’s Day

1. “Wanted: Perfect Father (1994)"
Director: Efren Jarlego
Cast: Dolphy, Dawn Zulueta, Edu Manzano, Babalu, Tom Taus
Synopsis: Bachelor Roy (Dolphy) falls in love with his new neighbor Lily (Dawn), mother of Tom (Tom). As Lily finds a job under Mr. Manyakis (Edu), Roy volunteers to look after her son, who plays tricks on him. Eventually, Roy and Tom bonded like real father and son.
2.  “Home  Along Da Riles (1993)” & “Home Along Da Riles (1997)"
Director: Johnny Manahan & Efren Jarlego
Cast: Dolphy, Nova Villa, Babalu, Carding Castro, Smokey Manaloto, Gio Alvarez, Claudine Barretto, Vandolph, Boy 2 Quizon
Synopsis: Widower Kevin Kosme (Dolphy) single-handedly raises his four children Bill (Smokey), Bob (Gio), Bing (Claudine), and Baldo (Vandolph), and adopted son Estong (Boy 2) alongside railroad tracks. Kevin gets emotional support from his sister-in-law Azon (Nova), who is secretly in love with him.
3. “Tong Tatlong Tatay Kong Pakitong Kitong (1998)"
Director: Efren Jarlego
Cast: Babalu, Redford White, Bonel Balingit, Serena Dalrymple
Synopsis: Orphan Jingle (Serena) can't seem to find a home for herself. Hopeless with the situation, she is sent to Manila to live with three bachelors Bobby (Babalu), Alvin (Redford), Jack (Bonel) who are still awaiting their big break. When the trio accidentally picks up a bag of jewels that belongs to a crime syndicate, Jingle's life is put in danger.

4.  “Wansapantaym The Movie (1999)”
Director: Johnny Manahan
Cast: Christopher De Leon, Shaina Magdayao, Angel Aquino, Serena Dalrymple
Synopsis: Gary (Christopher) was resurrected from the dead when his estranged daughter Anna (Shaina) wished upon a star of meeting her father. As the two meet, Gary learned through Anna’s guardian angel Barbiel (Serena) that his stay on earth is limited. And he has a mission to fulfill – to find Anna’s mother Sylvia (Angel).

5. “Isusumbong Kita Sa Tatay Ko (1999)”
Director: Boots Plata
Cast: Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), Judy Ann Santos, Aileen Damiles, Kier Legaspi, Leonardo Munoz
Synopsis: Badong (FPJ) is an auto repair shop owner and a doting father to Joey (Judy Ann Santos), his pretty but tomboyish daugther. The protective father that he is, Badong disheartens every young man who tries to woo Joey. The real test in their father-daughter relationship comes when Badong meets and falls in love with a beautiful doctor. Thinking that she is losing her father's love to another woman, Joey agrees to go out with her boastful suitor to spite Badong.

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