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On Cam: Julia Barretto accused of hurting Gloria Diaz

Just when Mira (Julia Barretto) decided to drop all of her revengeful plans and forget about Bella, she is bound to face another big problem.

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Star Cinema Admin

6/12/2014 in News
On Cam: Julia Barretto accused of hurting Gloria Diaz

James Blanco hits Gloria Diaz’ head on the wall

After Alfred (James Blanco) learned that his mother-in-law Lucia (Gloria Diaz) was the mastermind behind the frame-up of him having an affair with another woman. He attacked her in the parking lot as he forced her to tell the truth to his family.

Driven by extreme anger as Lucia refused to reveal the truth, Alfred accidentally banged her head in the wall and ran away.

Mira saw the unconscious Lucia on the ground and approached her. However, Olive (Mylene Dizon) concluded that Mira is the suspect and planned to sue her.

Gerald Anderson attacks Sam Milby

Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) had a long day searching for her real mother.

She got even more depressed that Banak (Ai-Ai de las Alas) kept the truth about her real mother. She was consoled by Liro (Sam Milby). Betty, who accidentally saw the two hugging on the seaside, took photos of them and sent it to Fredo (Gerald Anderson).

Fuming with rage and jealousy, Fredo stormed towards Liro and punched him on the face.
Tonight on “Dyesebel,” the couple Fredo and Dyesebel will have a serious fight that will lead the latter to come up with a painful decision.

Ronaldo Valdez guns down Cherie Gil

The brain surgery of Franco (Jake Cuenca) turned out to be successful. However, one of his loved-ones passed away.

Don Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) aware of the dark plan plotted by Gonzalo (John Estrada) against him, agreed to meet him up in the woods.

Meanwhile, Miranda (Cherie Gil) learned about the assassination plan of Gonzalo, headed to their meeting place to save her father. A crossfire ensued between Gonzalo and Maximo while Miranda was left lurking and hiding in the woods.

Maximo then aimlessly shot a fire and was shocked to see that he actually gunned down his own daughter Miranda.

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