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On Cam: Sam Concepcion to get even with Julia Barretto

Terrence's (Sam Concepcion) obsession with Bella (Julia Barretto) turns into pure hatred.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/10/2014 in News
On Cam: Sam Concepcion to get even with Julia Barretto

Terrence, in an attempt to capture Bella’s (Julia Barretto) heart, surprised her during her mall show and proposed his feelings in front of many people.

But instead of being swept away by Terrence’s sweetness, Bella has once again humiliated Terrence in front of many people by telling them how much he has used, hurt, and made someone cry after getting what he wanted.

Terrence walked away and came up with a new plan—that is to continue courting Bella with a darker purpose.

Dawn Zulueta investigates anomalies in her company

While Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) is busy searching for her biological mother, her guardian Banak (Ai-Ai de las Alas) volunteered to help Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) learn the truth behind the complaint of a woman who claimed to be attacked by a vicious mermaid.
But instead of believing to the story of the woman, both Lucia and Banak learned the truth—that she was a hired person by Tomas (Ogie Diaz), Ena’s (Zsa Zsa Padilla) employee.

Will Lucia finally discover that the person behind the anomaly is Ena?

Julia Montes slaps Kim Chiu

Isabelle (Kim Chiu), who had a long day of looking after her husband Franco (Jake Cuenca) who fell in a coma after the car accident, was accompanied by Samuel (Coco Martin). But, Mona (Julia Montes) took it negatively slapped Isabelle in public and made a scene in the hospital.

Rebecca (Angel Aquino), mother of Isabelle, confronted Mona and slapped her too. Hurt that her daughter was misjudged by everyone of marrying Franco during the time that Samuel went missing and is now accused of flirting with Samuel, Rebecca spilled the beans behind Isabelle’s reason of marrying Franco—which is to save Samuel from the hands of his captors.

Will this re-ignite Samuel’s love for Isabelle?

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