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Nichole Baranda opens up personal life, explains viral photo

For the first time, Nichole shares her story to her “PBB” housemates.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/8/2014 in News
Nichole Baranda opens up personal life, explains viral photo

Through the “talk show,” hosted by Alex and Fifth, teen housemate Nichole, the daughter of host-model Phoemela Baranda, was able to share her experiences as gradeschooler who got bullied because of her weight and how she learned that Phoemela, who was initially introduced to her as her sister, is her real mother.

A crying Nichole said she wouldn’t know what to do without her mother and that she doesn’t look forward meeting her father because Phoemela already serves both as her mother and father.

"Hindi ko naman talaga kailangan ng Dad kasi nandyan na 'yung Mom ko, pero iniisip ko may lolo kayo, may lola kayo, 'yung some lang a, pero kapag nawala 'yung mom ko mag-isa lang ako."

After the talk show, Alex and Michele were asked by Big Brother to go to the confession room and there they saw the different pictures of Nichole particularly the one where she was raising her middle finger, which was released the night after Nichole entered the house. Big Brother asked the two girls to give Nichole an advice about the issue and also to help Nichole explain herself.

Nichole was shocked upon seeing her picture and explained that she did the pose out of sheer randomness and posted it on her Twitter account a long time ago. Michele and Alex, told her to be careful about whatever she posts on social media especially that she is associated to a public figure which is her mom.

Big Brother advised Nichole to enjoy her youth, so after going out to the confession room, Nichole danced with her housemates
Tonight on “PBB: All In,” Big Brother will call Alex, Axel, Aina, Nichole, and Chevin to say that they are disappointing. What did these housemates do? Catch it tonight after “Aquino and Abunda Tonight.”

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