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On Cam: Enrique Gil confesses love for Julia Barretto

“Mirabella” got a 17.1% rating from the Kantar-TNS ratings for its Tuesday episode where Jeremy (Enrique Gil) finally admitted his feelings for Mira (Julia Barretto). The other hit primetime TV serie

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/7/2014 in News
On Cam: Enrique Gil confesses love for Julia Barretto

Terrence (Sam Concepcion) and the rest of his friends have already returned to school after their suspension. As Jeremy (Enrique Gil) became part of the varsity, Mira (Julia Barretto) came in the auditorium to support her friend. However, Terrence’s group has once again bullied Mira. This time, however, Jeremy intervened and defended Mira to the point of confessing his real feelings for her.

The next day, Terrence’s group also started bullying Jeremy because of liking Mira. Mira, on the other hand, rejected Jeremy’s love to protect him from the bullies in Greenfield. This afternoon on “Mirabella,” Iris will attack Mira, who on the other hand will accidentally push Iris to the edge of the stairs. Watch the full episode at 5:45 PM.

Anne Curtis meets Gerald Anderson

As Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) struggles to adjust to the human world, Fredo (Gerald Anderson) is also begging for his father’s support who only sees him a bum for pursuing basketball instead of the nautical course. Dyesebel accidentally met Fredo again on his basketball championship tournament against the “Baracuda” team who Dyesebel thought has abducted her mother Banak (Ai-Ai Delas Alas).

As Fredo and Dyesebel cross paths again, Dyesebel left her magical shell to Fredo, which will lead the latter to look for Dyesebel. Will they ever meet again? Find out tonight after “TV Patrol.”

Kim Chiu becomes a career oriented wife

Since Isabelle (Kim Chiu) could not love her husband Franco (Jake Cuenca) the way she loves Samuel (Coco Martin), she will divert her attention in fulfilling her project to build a school for the marginalized group.

Meanwhile, as Samuel got a new job, he volunteered to go to San Jose, a town near Salvacion, where Isabelle lives so he could check on her.

But for tonight’s episode of “Ikaw Lamang,” Samuel will witness Isabelle being nice to Franco and he will be heartbroken.

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