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Maja Salvador fights Angel Locsin

“The Legal Wife,” has once again trended on Twitter both in the Philippines and worldwide with the hashtag #TLWThePayOut after Nicole (Maja Salvador) outbid Monica (Angel Locsin) over a date with Adr

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/7/2014 in News
Maja Salvador fights Angel Locsin

“Malaki ang binayad ko Adrian, ang pagkakaibigan namin ni Monica dahil minahal kita,” was Nicole’s (Maja Salvador) response when Adrian (Jericho Rosales) refused to have a date with her after she won in a charity auction against Monica (Angel Locsin).

Yet, Nicole still asked Adrian if he ever thought about her and confessed that she is always thinking of him. Nicole held Adrian’s face pleading for his answer when Monica entered the scene and threw the mask at her.

Nicole, who got fed up with Monica’s behavior, yelled back at Monica saying that she and Adrian have slept together numerous times to the point of “making love.”

Monica who was caught speechless slapped Nicole and walked out.

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