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On Cam: Endorsements fight over Julia Barretto

Two brands search for Julia Barretto; Anne Curtis is almost run over by Gerald Anderson; and Cherry Pie Picache reveals Coco Martin’s secret.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/6/2014 in News
On Cam: Endorsements fight over Julia Barretto

Petunia (Angel Jacob), the owner of PY Teens started looking for Bella, the prettier version of Mira (Julia Barretto). As Bella’s face caught the fancy of many, the rival company of PY Teens, Bellissima, has also started looking for her so they could use her to clean up the bad image of their model Iris (Mika Dela Cruz).

On the other hand, while Jeremy (Enrique Gil) was given the task to look for Bella, Mira decided not to go out in public as Bella just yet to avoid the people looking for her.
Will Jeremy find out that the one he is looking for is right beside him? Find out this afternoon at 5:45 PM.

Gerald Anderson almost hit Anne Curtis
After obtaining her "feet," Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) has been tricked by a pimp and told her that he will help her find her mother Banak (Ai-Ai delas Alas), whom Dyesebel thought has been abducted by a group of fishermen. But the guy’s real intention is to sell her to group of bad guys. Luckily, Dyesebel was able to escape.
However, without any companion to guide her in the city, Dyesebel has almost been run over by a car that Gerald Anderson is driving.
Will Gerald recognize Dyesebel? Find out tonight after “TV Patrol.”

Coco Martin is the real heir of the Hidalgos
Elena (Cherry Pie Picache) feels bad that her son Samuel (Coco Martin) has been maltreated and scorned by Don Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) and the family of Isabelle (Kim Chiu) because of his social status. So, she confessed to her parents Trinidad (Daria Ramirez) and Damian (Spanky Manikan) that Samuel is her lovechild with Governor Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III). Samuel then appeared.

Did he overhear the conversation? Will Samuel fight for his right as a Hidalgo so he could have Isabelle back in his life? Watch the episode tonight after “Dyesebel.”

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