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Maja Salvador wins over Angel Locsin

Last night’s episode with a hashtag of #TLWThePriceTag is an episode where Nicole (Maja Salvador) could “legally” date Adrian (Jericho Rosales) for a night and Monica (Angel Locsin) was helpless.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/6/2014 in News
Maja Salvador wins over Angel Locsin

Upon realizing that Nicole (Maja Salvador) is also part of the charity ball, Monica (Angel Locsin) became more paranoid and struggled to always check her husband Adrian (Jericho Rosales) wherever he goes. Meanwhile, Nicole, who got annoyed by Monica’s innuendos, started to intentionally annoy Monica and even asked the latter to “grow up,” which infuriated Monica even more.

After a while, Monica has been invited by Max (JC De Vera) for a dance. Adrian, on the other hand, was convinced by his former client to be auctioned. The starting bid was only P 5,000. Monica took the bid. However, Nicole doubled the bid to P 10,000 until the bid reached P200,000. Nicole was able to take Adrian as her date for the rest of the night.

How will Monica fight for her right as “The Legal Wife?”

By the way, is Nicole pregnant?

Find out tonight after “Ikaw Lamang.”

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