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3,000 selfies for 'PBB' housemates

The housemates lost in their first weekly task last week. Will they succeed in this week's task?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/6/2014 in News
3,000 selfies for 'PBB' housemates

The housemates’ second week task is to make more than 3000 selfies for a week and they are only given 2 hours to take selfies a day.

Cess, Chevin, and Vickie were assigned by Big Brother to administer the selfie task of the housemates.

However, the first set of selfies they took were not counted because they failed to use the "hand monopod," which was a requirement. 

After the task leaders spoke with Kuya, Cess became more vocal in saying that the other housemates should listen to them, particularly Michelle. The volleyball star then approached and apologized to Cess.

Meanwhile, the housemates got tired squeezing themselves into the small screen of the phone as they do their selfies. Loisa and Joshua, on the other hand, enjoyed taking selfies that Joshua started throwing pick-up lines for Loisa.

Catch “PBB: All In” tonight for more updates on the housemates’ weekly task.

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