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Sheryn Regis denies being a lesbian

Is Sheryn Regis a real lesbian? Read on.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/30/2014 in News
Sheryn Regis denies being a lesbian

In Sheryn Regis’ official statement released to Pep, the singer clarified the issue between her and a woman named Emy Madrigal, who claims to be Sheryn's ex-lover.

“It is not my personality to get what I want at the expense of other people. I do not ‘use’ people nor will I allow myself to be used. Hindi ako pinalaki ng magulang ko para manira, manggamit, at manloko ng ibang tao,” she said in her statement via email.

The singer adds, “As regards to the gossips about me, this is all I can say, as we all know, being part of this entertainment industry would subject us to all kinds of defamatory issues. I cannot please everybody. There are people who think they know you and say whatever they want. Some would misinterpret my kindness, some would even assume.”

“Once and all, I am issuing this public statement to protect my reputation as well as of my family. Whatever the intentions are for doing these will be given justice by the people who would either believe it or not,” she ended.

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