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On Cam: BFF Sue Ramirez, Eliza Pineda fight over Sam Concepcion

Kapamilya teen stars Sam Concepcion, Sue Ramirez, and Eliza Pineda will play as teenagers caught in a love triangle story this Saturday (May 31) on “MMK.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/30/2014 in News
On Cam: BFF Sue Ramirez, Eliza Pineda fight over Sam Concepcion

Susan (Sue Ramirez) and Cecile (Eliza Pineda) are best of friends. But their bond is put into test as Rope (Sam Concepcion), Cecile’s ex-boyfriend, pursue Susan.
Is there a chance for Susan and Rope’s love to bloom if Cecile is still in love and hurting for Rope?
Also part of this upcoming episode are Eunice Lagusad, Shirley Fuentes, Arnold Reyes, Angeli Gonzales, Alec Dungo, Annika Gonzales, EJ Jallorina, Joyce So, and Karen Reyes. Directed by Theodore Boborol, this episode was written by Benjamin Benson Logronio and Arah Jell Badayos, and researched by Michelle Joy Guerrero.
Julia Barretto to reveal her secret to Enrique Gil; Sam Concepcion has a 'plan'

The bust sculpture did not bear flower after Osang (Pokwang), Mira’s (Julia Barretto), axed it.
As the sculpture bore flowers again, Mira has also made up her mind to finally reveal her other identity (Bella) to Jeremy (Enrique Gil). Mira called him up to arrange their meetup that will take place after Jeremy and Bella’s press conference for PY Teens.

However, Terrence (Sam Concepcion) has also planned to sneak Bella away from the event into a date he prepared for them.
Whose plan will push through? Terrence's or Mira's ? Find out this afternoon at 5:45PM.
Gerald Anderson gets hospitalized
After Fredo (Gerald Anderson) and Liro’s (Sam Milby) encounter at the sea, the former fell ill and was hospitalized.
Ena (Zsa Zsa Padilla) blamed Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) for Fredo’s condition thinking that Dyesebel is bringing bad luck to her son and family.
Meanwhile, Dyesebel’s human friend Sally (Marlann Flores) also discovered her secret, but they remained friends. Sally even informed Dyesebel about a mermaid spotted in Manila Bay.
Dyesebel got the hint that it was Banak’s (Ai-Ai De las Alas) intention of catching her attention for them to finally reunite.
But Mang Kanor (Baron Geisler), bribed by the Queen Dyangga (Eula Valdez) also came to Manila Bay to get both Banak and Dyesebel.

Coco Martin to be adopted by Tirso Cruz III

Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III), wanting Samuel (Coco Martin) to legally carry his name “Hidalgo,” announced to everyone, including his family Miranda (Cherie Gil) and Franco (Jake Cuenca), his plan of adopting Samuel to.
Miranda and Franco, as always, took Eduardo’s decision negatively for they believe that a commoner like Samuel does not deserve carry an elite name.

Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) thought that the only way to abort Eduardo’s plan is to have Samuel and his infant son Gabriel assassinated.
Will Eduardo be able to finalize his plans before Maximo’s? Find out tonight after “Dyesebel.”

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