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On Cam: Enrique stands by Julia Barretto

Jeremy (Enrique Gil) expresses his love for Mira (Julia Barretto). When will she give Jeremy a chance to love her?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/29/2014 in News
On Cam: Enrique stands by Julia Barretto

Mira (Julia Barretto) asked Jeremy (Enrique Gil) to stay away from her, so he could reconcile with his family.

Yet, Jeremy makes it a point to always look after Mira, so when snatcher grabbed Mira’s phone, Jeremy instantly came to rescue. But Jeremy made it clear that his sole intention is to protect Mira all the time and he would willingly do that despite their condition.

This afternoon on “Mirabella,” as Mira was touched by Jeremy’s gesture, she would tell him her secret—that she is Bella. Her guardian, displeased with Mira’s decision will axe the sculpture that bears Mira’s magical flower.

Anne Curtis saves Gerald Anderson from Sam Milby

Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) met up Liro (Sam Milby) to help Mang Filemon save his wife from the merman. But. Liro was able to grab Dyesebel, forcing her to return to their kingdom. Fredo (Gerald Anderson) helped Dyesebel escape from Liro. Dyesebel then saved Mang Filemon’s wife.

Meanwhile, Liro tried to drown Fredo. Dyesebel saved Fredo by whipping her mermaid tail on Liro's face. They left Liro frustrated and brokenhearted.

Kim Chiu christens her child

Miranda (Cherie Gil), desperate to have Franco (Jake Cuenca) and Isabelle's (Kim Chiu) child to be christened first before Samuel’s (Coco Martin) child, set up the event sooner than expected.

The christening was attended by the richest people in their town. But Eduardo’s (Tirso Cruz III) mood turned sour when Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) also went to the event. Franco, on the other hand, felt exactly the same when Samuel also came in with Mona (Julia Montes) and their child Gabriel.

Isabelle managed to keep her mood stable despite the commotion that she even accompanied Mona to the nursery room.

Missed last night's episode? Catch it on: http://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/The-Legal-Wife/1049/39054
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