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Ruffa Gutierrez: 'Gusto ko talaga magpakasal ulit'

With the go signal from her daughter Lorin and Venice to date, will Ruffa Gutierrez follow learn to love again?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/28/2014 in News
Ruffa Gutierrez: 'Gusto ko talaga magpakasal ulit'

After her failed marriage with Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas, Ruffa seemed not to give up on love.

“Before kasi, ayoko na magpakasal talaga. Pero since ang daming nagpapakasal lately and every time na may nagpapakasal, umiiyak ako, sabi ko, 'Ay, I'm really a romantic at heart.' So gusto ko talaga magpakasal ulit,” she said during her interview with the Philippine Star. “As long as that person is kind-hearted, mahal ako, mahal sila (her children), can be a kid sometimes, doesn't smoke, would treat me well.”

The “Maybe This Time” co-star spilled that she’s picky when it comes to men. 

“We have to be choosy because number one, I have two kids I have to take care of, their future is at stake,” she adds. “And number two, marami na akong naranasan na heartbreak. So ayokong masaktan ulit.

She hopes that this dream would come true in the next five years.

If not, she concludes, “I would rather be alone than get hurt.”

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