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On Cam: Julia Barretto steals the show at a ribbon-cutting event

Mira (Julia Barretto) has started with her revengeful plan. Will she finally change from being a good girl to a bad?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/28/2014 in News
On Cam: Julia Barretto steals the show at a ribbon-cutting event

Mira (Julia Barretto) initiated her plan of getting even with her father Alfred (James Blanco) by intentionally appearing at the ribbon-cutting event of Bellissima for their new branch opening in a mall. The media diverted their attention on Bella, who is PY Teens' endorser.
The president of PY Teens Petunia (Angel Jacob) was also displeased with what Bella did, so she called Bella and condoned her act. Paeng (John Lapus) then asked Mira, who was currently in the guise of Bella if she would want him to fetch her but Mira refused saying that Jeremy (Enrique Gil) might see him.

Jeremy then interrogated Bella about her secrets. Will Mira reveal finally her identity to Jeremy now? Find out this afternoon on “Mirabella” at 5:45PM.

Anne Curtis helps a stranger

Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) bailed Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) out of the jail after Betty (Andi Eigenmann) filed legal charges against the latter for accidentally hurting her.

However, a man named Filemon, looking for the magical shell, abducted Dyesebel in order to save his wife from Liro (Sam Milby).

Dyesebel was not upset by Filemon’s act and instead promised to help him save his wife. Dyesebel did so by going back to the sea.

Tonight on “Dyesebel,” Sally (Marlann Flores), Dyesebel’s human friend, will discover the former’s secret.

Ronaldo Valdez is acquitted

Because of his connections, Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) was acquitted of the multiple crimes that he committed including frustrated murder to Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III) and Samuel (Coco Martin).

Gonzalo's (John Estrada) hired gunman failed to assassinate Maximo.

After the announcement of the verdict, Eduardo confronted the bribed judge while Samuel castigated Maximo about the justice that they deserved.

Meanwhile, Maximo has plotted for revenge against Eduardo and the Severinos.
Will Maximo succeed with his plan? Find out tonight after “Dyesebel.”

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