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Is Beauty Gonzalez ready to tie the knot?

Will Beauty Gonzales choose her man over her career? Read on.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/28/2014 in News
Is Beauty Gonzalez ready to tie the knot?

Beauty Gonzalez is thankful that her non-showbiz boyfriend is supportive of her career.
“Ngayon lang ako nagkaro'n ng jowang supportive,” Beauty said in an interview with ABS-CBN.

The “Moon of Desire” star admits that they are already talking about marriage. Yet, she is thankful that her boyfriend is not pressuring her to settle down.

“Nakita niya kasi na ngayon lang 'yong napapansin ako,” she explains. “I mean, I've been in the business for four years, five years na ngayon lang ako napansin ng tao, ayaw niya 'yon masira."

She adds, “Kasi I'm too young, tutal it's just a number lang naman ang edad, makapag-hintay pa naman daw siya, wag lang too long daw. Mga four to three years pa."

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