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Angel Locsin gives birth without Jericho Rosales

Adrian (Jericho Rosales) could not get hold of Monica (Angel Locsin) and their children, but he is free to visit Nicole (Maja Salvador) and his kid. Will this set-up last long?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/28/2014 in News
Angel Locsin gives birth without Jericho Rosales

It was confirmed that Monica was pregnant. Adrian knew this and tried to find Monica and Bunjoy (Gabrial Sumalde) in the US. After several months, he returned without any news of his family abroad.

Meanwhile, Nicole delivered her baby earlier than expected. She named him Jacob. Adrian visited his son as soon as Nicole and Jacob got home from the hospital.

Still abroad, Monica gave birth to Martina, her second child. Max (JC de Vera) became her company abroad, but they remained friends.

Two years later, Adrian attended the Philippine Advertising Award’s night with Nicole. He received the best advocacy award for his project “Tatay ko.”

Monica as well excelled in her field by being promoted as Executive Creative Director from her company abroad.

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