Angel Locsin, pregnant?

Before leaving the country, Monica (Angel Locsin) felt nauseous. Is this a sign that she’s pregnant?

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5/27/2014 in News
Angel Locsin, pregnant?

Adrian (Jericho Rosales) persevered to convince Monica (Angel Locsin) that he deserves a second chance. Monica ignored him and his efforts to make amends.

Meanwhile, Javvy (Joem Bascon) offered his sister to come with him in the United States. Thinking for a fresh start with Bunjoy (Gabrial Sumalde), Monica accepted the offer for migration.

When Bunjoy asked if his father is coming with them to US, Monica enumerated the reasons why Adrian can’t be with them. Instead, Monica made her son understand their situation and that they are better off without Adrian.

As they reached the airport, Monica felt uneasy and all of a sudden, nauseous.
The expression on Monica’s face says that this was not a good sign.

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