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Who will be the next 'PBB' evictee - Jane, Jacob, Maris?

Three housemates completed the third set of “PBB: All In” nomination night.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/26/2014 in News
Who will be the next 'PBB' evictee - Jane, Jacob, Maris?

All of the nominees for “PBB’s” third nomination night came from the team of Nichole. Daniel, who is still safe from nomination, was tasked by the show’s host, Toni, to put the necklace meant for the nominees.
The first named nominated housemate was Maris, dubbed as "Singing Sunshine ng Davao.” She got seven votes from her fellow housemates.
Most of her fellow housemates voted her because they noticed that she has the habit of not returning items she borrowed from others.
The second housemate who is in danger of being evicted is Jacob, the "Cutie Crooner of Parañaque.” He garnered 7 votes from his housemates. Some of his fellow housemates noted that he was the cause of misunderstanding among the housemates because of his decision about food partition.
Meanwhile, Ranty voted him because he noticed that the latter is competitive and tends to strategize especially when it is time for nomination.

The third and last nominee for the night is the celebrity housemate Jane Oineza, dubbed as "Rising Celebriteen of Pasig," who nabbed 17 votes from her fellow housemates.
Most of the housemates particularly Aina and Jacob felt that she is a "fake."
Have you missed this episode? You can catch it on iwantv.com.ph

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