'PBB' Maris is torn

The hashtag #PBBkaibiganOkaligtasan trended online as Loisa and Nichole’s fellow housemates decided to place their support on who they believe more. Some of them chose to be practical, while some bas

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5/23/2014 in News
'PBB' Maris is torn

Maris decided to choose Nichole over her bestfriend Loisa because Nichole lost more weight than Loisa. All in all, Nichole has eight supporters—Daniel, Jacob, Jane, Michele, Manolo, Fifth, Vickie, and Maris. On the other hand, Loisa has 7 seven —Jayme, Fourth, Axel, Joshua, Alex, Aina, and Ranty.

The next set of nominees will depend on how many pounds Loisa and Nichole will shed off. If Loisa will lose lesser weight than Nichole, then the set of the next nominees for eviction will come from her team/supporter.

Meanwhile, Loisa was hurt because her bestfriend Maris chose to support Nichole over her. Loisa kept distance from Maris. Alex, who saw Loisa’s disappointment, encouraged her to prove to those people who do not believe in her wrong.

Maris went to the confession room to tell Big Brother that she is not a bad friend. She also approached Loisa to try to explain her side. Loisa, on the other hand, tried to understand her point.

The next day, the two groups started working out with their bets.  Before the day ended, Big Brother gave Nichole and Loisa’s supporters a chance to change their decision. Will Maris choose Loisa this time around?

Find out tonight after “Aquino and Abunda Tonight.”

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