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'PBB' housemates choose Nichole over Loisa

Nichole was able to lose weight while Loisa did not. And their weight loss will determine the next set of nominees and their whole budget for next week.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/22/2014 in News
'PBB' housemates choose Nichole over Loisa

Aina, Alex, Axel, Jane, Vickie, Jacob, Loisa, and Nichole are the housemates who gained weight during their stay inside the “PBB” house. For the whole day, these housemates, together with the ones who maintained their weight, worked out  with Michele and Daniel as their instructors.

The next day, these eight housemates were once again weighed. Unfortunately, Loisa did not lose any weight despite the strenuous exercise she did, Nichole, on the other hand, lost 1lb.

Loisa and Nichole lost less weight among all the housemates and since their weekly task depends on their weight, Big Brother prompted the girls’ fellow housemates to choose between them. If their bet gained less weight, they will be nominated together with the person that they chose.  

Since Loisa has not lost any pounds just yet, the first set of housemates Big Brother prompted to choose Manolo, Jacob, Vickie, and Fifth put their support on Nichole.

Tonight on “PBB: All In,” the decision of Fifth’s twin brother Fourth, together with the rest of the housemates, on who will they choose between Loisa and Nichole will be revealed.

Have you missed this episode? You can catch it on iwantv.com.ph

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