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On Cam: Mika Dela Cruz frames Julia Barretto up

Just when Mira (Julia Barretto) thought that being denied and humiliated by her own father is cruel enough, her half-sister Iris (Mike Dela Cruz) is out to do more against her.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/22/2014 in News
On Cam: Mika Dela Cruz frames Julia Barretto up

Terrence (Sam Concepcion), not confident that he could pass the final exams, went to the teacher’s faculty room and stole the exam’s answer key. Just when the teachers discovered that the answer is missing, Iris (Mika Dela Cruz) has already sensed that Terrence is in trouble, so she took the answer key in Jeremy’s bag and put in Mira’s (Julia Barretto).

Consequently, the teachers saw the answer key on Mira’s bag and she was called to the principal’s office. Mira denied the allegation of her cheating to pass the exam and Jeremy (Enrique Gil) supported Mira’s claim hinting that this may be one of Iris’ antics to bully Mira.  

Iris confessed to her mother the truth, but instead of admonishing her daughter’s wrongdoing, Olive (Mylene Dizon) took it as an opportunity to have Mira expelled in Greenfields. The next day, Olive bribed one of the teachers handling Mira’s case. Will he accept Olive’s money? Find out this afternoon at 5:4 PM.

Gerald Anderson saves Anne Curtis’ friends
Fredo (Gerald Anderson) brought Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) back into the city with her mermaid tails on. Their secret was almost caught by a crook pretending to be blind. Luckily, the crowd chose to chase him the rather than believe his claim.

Fredo then brought Dyesebel into his house and hid her in his bathroom. He went out again to find the magical shell and Dyesebel’s aquatic friends Pinky, the squid and Carlo, the seahorse.

Just when the two aquatic creatures were about to die from dehydration, Fredo found them and brought them to his room.

However, Fredo’s family and Betty (Andi Eigenmann) were doubtful about Fredo’s story that he sent Dyesebel to Ilocos. Betty also noticed that Fredo was looking in his room, so she went running on the latter’s room. Will he find Dyesebel there? Find out tonight after “TV Patrol.”

Jake Cuenca makes a scene in Coco Martin’s house
Although Samuel’s (Coco Martin) intention of setting up a get together with cane laborers was pure, Mona (Julia Montes) secretly took it negatively for he also invited his ex-girlfriend Isabelle (Kim Chiu).

Unknown to Samuel, the fuming Mona threatened Isabelle to stay away from her husband or she would do things beyond her ways.

Despite Mona’s harsh treatment, Isabelle still managed to join Samuel in encouraging his fellow commoners to send their kids to school.  However, Franco (Jake Cuenca) together with his mother Miranda (Cherie Gil), gatecrashed on Samuel’s party and made a commotion.

Tonight on “Ikaw Lamang,” Isabelle’s mother will lose her temper on her in-laws' vile attitude toward the poor people, so she will reveal that Franco is not a Hidalgo.

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