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#QuotesFromTheStar: Sarah Geronimo, the box-office queen

Sarah Geronimo was recently hailed as the box-office queen at the recently concluded 45th Guillermo Mendoza Awards for the last installment of Miggy-Laida love flick, “It Takes A Man And A Woman.” Le

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/21/2014 in News
#QuotesFromTheStar: Sarah Geronimo, the box-office queen

It may be safe to state that no one could ever portray the vibrant and sunshiny Laida Magtalas like Sarah Geronimo did. Proof? The trilogy of these rom-com flicks helmed by Cathy Garcia-Molina rocked the big screen and hailed Sarah Geronimo alongside leading man John Lloyd as the Queen and King of the box-office.

Laida Magtalas’ character first debuted in the movie “A Very Special Love” released last 2008. She is the uber positive fresh grad who applied as an editorial assistant in a men’s magazine company run by the uptight yuppie Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz).

So when Miggy asked to stay close him so she could run him errands, the daydreaming Laida replied, “Sir, gaano ka-close.”  True enough, Laida became the closest person to Miggy’s heart.

In the second installment “You Changed My Life (2009),” Laida and Miggy became an official couple. Laida made it a point to support Miggy in his endeavors so every morning she said, “At Dahil nandito ka, papabaunan kita ng power hug!”

Their love was put to test in the movie “It Takes A Man A Woman (2013).” Miggy succumbed to sadness when his father passed away that he temporarily forgot Laida’s love as the latter was based abroad.

Laida, feeling betrayed, returned to the Philippines to introduce herself. “I’ve grown. This is Laida Magtalas version 2.0. Braver, bolder, fiercer,” but in the end, Miggy and Laida’s love for each other brought them back together for good.

Right now, Sarah is busy promoting her upcoming film with Coco Martin – “Maybe This Time” which will hit theaters this May 28.

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