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'PBB' housemates' weekly task relies on their weight

“PBB: All In” housemates had a party with Daniel Matsunaga with music, food, and booze. The next day, Big Brother announced their task for the week.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/21/2014 in News
'PBB' housemates' weekly task relies on their weight

In last night’s episode of “PBB: All In,” with a hashtag of #PBBBigatinParty, the teens housemates were given reminders by Big Brother about their curfew and prohibited them from taking alcoholic beverages. Manolo, apparently disappointed about Big Brother’s prohibition, approached Alex, who enjoys party without taking alcoholic beverages.

As the curfew for teens ticked, the adult housemates had a truth or dare game which led to a misunderstanding between Aina and Axel. Their issue was right away resolved.

The next day, Big Brother placed a big weighing scale in the living room area and asked each of the housemates to weigh. After their current and previous weights were compared, Big Brother announced that they should lose the weight that they gained inside the “PBB” house for the week. Otherwise, they will lose on their weekly task.

Loisa and Jacob, who gained most during their one month stay at the “PBB” house, got worried.

Tonight on “PBB: All In,” Jacob, along with other housemates who gained weight, will be taught by Daniel how to exercise.

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