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On Cam: Anne Curtis rejects Gerald Anderson

The hashtag #DyesebelAngTunayNaMahal trended on Twitter after Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) rejected Fredo (Gerald Anderson) for the sake of Betty (Andi Eigenmann).

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/20/2014 in News
On Cam: Anne Curtis rejects Gerald Anderson

Fredo (Gerald Anderson) prepared a surprise to profess his love for Dyesebel (Anne Curtis), who brought Betty (Andi Eigenmann) because she thought Fredo was in love with Betty and not her.
Betty, feeling betrayed, asked her foster mother Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) to have Dyesebel fired from her job.
With a heavy heart, Lucia laid-off Dyesebel from her job.
After getting sacked, Dyesebel decided to focus her attention on finding Banak (Ai-Ai de las Alas).
Tonight on “Dyesebel,” Fredo will look for Dyesebel again after the latter left him.
Julia Barretto gets humiliated again
Mira (Julia Barretto) was once again bullied by Iris (Mika Dela Cruz) after she defended Bella from the latter’s destructive words.
As usual, Jeremy (Enrique Gil) defended Mira against Iris and revealed cryptic words about Mira’s real identity. Iris, curious about the message behind Jeremy’s words followed Mira and overheard Mira saying that they are half-sisters for she is also Alfred’s (James Blanco) daughter with his former flame Daisy (Dimples Romana), Mira’s mother. Iris then attacked Mira.
Alfred saw the two girls fighting, so he came to defend Iris and denied Mira in public saying that he would never accept Mira as his daughter because of her looks and attitude.
This afternoon on “Mirabella,” Mira decided to get even with Alfred's family with "Bella."

Coco Martin is jealous of Jake Cuenca

Samuel (Coco Martin), together with his family, returned to Salvacion and has been given a better shelter to stay by his father Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III), who is giving his full support in helping him achieve justice that he was once deprived of.
Samuel was able to see for himself that the perpetrator of his miseries Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) is paying for his crimes behind the bars.
However, Samuel turned emotional when he crossed paths with former lover Isabelle (Kim Chiu), who is now married to Franco (Jake Cuenca), his rival.
Tonight on “Ikaw Lamang,” although Maximo is already detained he could still sneak out of the jail to plot his revenge against Samuel. What will he do to Samuel? Find out tonight after “Dyesebel.”

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