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Cess, Chevin out, Daniel Matsunaga in as 'PBB' housemate

The hashtag #PBB1stEVICTION dominated the Philippine and worldwide trending topics list on Twitter last night, May 17, after the nominee Chevin was joined by force evictee Cess to be booted out of th

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/18/2014 in News
Cess, Chevin out, Daniel Matsunaga in as 'PBB' housemate

After getting the lowest percentage of votes from viewers (30.24%), Chevin dubbed as “The Simpatikong Salesman ng CamSur” was the first housemate for the “PBB: All In” season to be sent out from the house.

Meanwhile, fellow housemate Cess dubbed as “Bida Raketera ng Valenzuela” was evicted from the house after committing 5 violations from “PBB” house rules - asking updates or news outside the “PBB” house, removing their lapel mics, whispering, moving house furniture, and writing secret messages. Cess, shocked about the news, went out of the house speechless and emotional.

Big Brother announced that Axel, Manolo, and Alex are automatically nominated for eviction after asking for updates or news regarding the “PBB” house from Manolo’s mom, who visited the house. Toni however clarified that since Alex is a house guest, she is not officially nominated for eviction, but she added that Alex will face sanction for her violation.

Meanwhile, another celebrity housemate entered the house -Daniel Matsunaga, dubbed as “Hunk of The World ng Makati.”

Tonight on “PBB: All In," the other housemates that will join the nominated Axel and Manolo as the second set of nominees for eviction will also be announced. The unnamed nominees will be determined through BBN—the power given to the house viewers to nominate a housemate for eviction.

In case you missed this episode catch it on iwantv.com.ph

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