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Sandara Park surprises 'PBB: All In' housemates

The hashtag #SANDARAinPBBALLIn became the top trending topic on Twitter both in the Philippines and worldwide as every housemate in Big Brother’s famous house got starstruck when the 2EN1 member and

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/17/2014 in News
Sandara Park surprises 'PBB: All In' housemates

While the housemates were busy taping for their third “wepisode,” with a Korean inspired theme, the housemates were all stunned when the 2NE1 member Sandara Park entered the “PBB” house.
Sandar met, greeted, danced, took selfie, and chatted with the rest of the housemates.
When it was time for Sandara to go, the housemates got sad and requested for her to stay overnight. However, Sandara only managed to apologize and leave because of her pending commitments.
Even after Sandara has already exited the house, the housemates were still talking about her. 
Tonight on “PBB: All In,” Loisa will have a special task regarding Manolo. While the task is a mere mission for Loisa, her admirer Joshua will get jealous. 
Moreover, the first “PBB: All In” evictee will be announced tonight. Will it be Loisa, Maris, or Chevin? 
Have you missed this episode? Catch it anytime at iwantv.com.ph.

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