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'PBB' housemates' pranks gone wrong

Last night’s episode with a hashtag of #PBBALLINPranks showed how the housemates’ prank brought misunderstanding and rift among the housemates.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/16/2014 in News
'PBB' housemates' pranks gone wrong

Last Monday, the male housemates thought of playing pranks on female housemates and the girls eventually retaliated.

Axel, annoyed by the prank made by girls towards him, sprayed mixed condiments on girl’s room. Aina thought that it was Ranty who did the prank. Ranty got offended by Aina’s accusation but the two eventually made up.

Meanwhile, Jane, clueless about the issue became the next target of prank, was told that she was too demanding and domineering. Jane, not aware that everything was just a prank, cried and was eventually comforted by the rest of the housemates, except Cess, who presumed that Jane intentionally spilled water on her feet. Cess poured her sentiments out to the other housemates saying that she is certain that Jane would deny spilling water on her feet.

Meanwhile, Big Brother called all the housemates to the confession room and told them the violations that they’ve done while they were executing their pranks. Jayme apologized and swore that they will try their best to fix their mess.

Tonight on “PBB: All In,” Korean superstar Sandara Park will enter the “PBB” house for a special task.

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