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On Cam: Tirso Cruz III is Coco Martin's father

Last’s night episode of “Ikaw Lamang” with a hashtag of #IkawLamangTheShockingTruth was top trending topic on Twitter both in the Philippines and worldwide as Samuel (Coco Martin) and Eduardo (Tirso

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/16/2014 in News
On Cam: Tirso Cruz III is Coco Martin's father

While Franco (Jake Cuenca) and Samuel (Coco Martin) were having a duel, Elena (Cherry Pie Picache) went to Eduardo (Tirso Cruz III) and revealed that Samuel is his son. Elena also named Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) as the mastermind behind the massacre attempt against her family. Eduardo had Maximo arrested.

Meanwhile, Isabelle (Kim Chiu) also went to Eduardo and told him about Samuel and Franco’s ongoing face off. Eduardo stopped them and told Samuel about his real identity, that he is a real Hidalgo. Samuel, overwhelmed by the truth, walked away.

Tonight on “Ikaw Lamang,” Eduardo will start making up for the years he didn't serve as Samuel’s father. Meanwhile, Isabelle stood firm with her decision not to leave Franco for the sake of their child.

Julia Barretto, Enrique Gil stranded in a resort
Mira (Julia Barretto) went to a resort as Bella for PY Teen’s commercial shoot. There, she also came across Terrence (Sam Concepcion), who expressed desire of courting her. This made Iris (Mika Dela Cruz) jealous at her. Jeremy, on the other hand, remains in love with Mira.

Later afternoon, PY Teens team were compelled to stay overnight at the resort to finish the shoot because of technical problems.

Mira’s magical flower could only last overnight, so she called up her guardians Osang (Pokwang) and Paeng (Sweet Lapus) and they came up with the solution of bringing the flower to her. Will they make it? Or, will Mira’s secret will be revealed? Find out this afternoon at 5:45 PM.

Andi Eigenmann is jealous of Anne Curtis
After Fredo (Gerald Anderson) became sure of his feelings for Dyesebel (Anne Curtis), he always made it a point to always be with her whenever he can. However, during his dinner date with Dyesebel, Betty (Andi Eigenmann) suddenly appeared and asked Fredo out. Dyesebel gave way nonetheless.

Ena (Zsa Zsa Padilla), Fredo’s mother, felt the same sentiments of Betty towards Dyesebel, so she asked Fredo talk to Betty instead of Dyesebel.

Tonight on “Dyesebel,” because of Betty, Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) will fire Dyesebel from her work. Watch it tonight after “TV Patrol.”

In case you missed this episode catch it on iwantv.com.ph

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