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On Cam: Julia Barretto, Enrique Gil together in a TV commercial

“Mirabella’s” May 12 episode was the fifth most watched show with a rating of 19. 9%. “Dyesebel” landed on the first place with a 31.3% of the total viewership, while “Ikaw Lamang” took the second sp

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/14/2014 in News
On Cam: Julia Barretto, Enrique Gil together in a TV commercial

For the May 13 episode of “Mirabella,” the hashtag #MirabelleTeamJerBel landed as the second top trending topic on Twitter worldwide as Bella (Julia Barretto) and Jeremy (Enrique Gil) became the official models of PY Teens.

Mira (Julia Barretto) certain that modeling is just her shortlived career invested on buying a sewing machine for her guardians Paeng (Sweet Lapus) and Osang (Pokwang), who does not agree with her decision to be a model.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was unexpectedly chosen as Bella's partner for PY Teen’s upcoming TV commercial because the previous model failed to impress Petunia (Angel Jacob), the owner of the company. Jeremy, who admitted that he is starting to fall for Bella, decided to keep on loving Mira.

This afternoon on “Mirabella,” the team of the rival companies, PY Teen and Bellissima will cross path in a resort. And Mira will be stuck in a resort overnight with the magical flower that withers at midnight. Will this make everyone discover who she really is?

Gerald Anderson, Anne Curtis' first date

As Fredo (Gerald Anderson) was once again discouraged by his father about his passion for basketball, he, nonetheless, got encouragement Dyesebel (Anne Curtis). As a sign of gratitude, Fredo took Dyesebel (Anne Curtis) on a friendly date.

The next day, Dyesebel was hired by Lucia (Dawn Zulueta) as a housekeeping staff in one of her hotels. Ena (Zsa Zsa Padilla), Lucia’s business partner, took advantage of the situation and planned to have Dyesebel fired.
Ena then asked Tomas (Ogie Diaz) to give Dyesebel a difficult task which is to hang a pair of lanterns on a hook located on the seaside. Dyesebel lost her balanced and fell in the salt water. Suddenly, her fishtail appeared.
Tonight on “Dyesebel,” Fredo will immediately rescue Dyesebel. Will he discover that she is a mermaid? Find out tonight after “TV Patrol.”

Kim Chiu is pregnant
Franco (Jake Cuenca) broke down and was filled with rage after learning from his grandfather Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) that Samuel (Coco Martin) is Eduardo’s (Tirso Cruz III) son. But his mother Miranda (Cherie Gil) advised him to be careful not to spill the truth to Eduardo otherwise everything that he has will be given to Samuel.

Franco became even more eager to secure his place as the heir of Hidalgo after learning that his wife Isabelle (Kim Chiu) got pregnant after he assaulted her.

Meanwhile, Maximo’s secret servant Juancho (John Medina) found Samuel’s whereabouts and planned to kill him but his attempt failed.
Tonight on “Ikaw LAmang” after “Dyesebel,” Juancho reported Samuel’s location and Franco will volunteer to kill Samuel himself.

Jerry Yan leaves Barbie Hsu
Because Daoming Si (Jerry Yan) lost his memory after getting into a car accident, Sanchai (Barbie) and the rest of his friends, the F3, had a hard time looking for him.

On the other hand, Daoming Si already felt at ease with the company of Ye Sha at Shagu.

Daoming Si’s mother was able to locate Daoming Si and made him believe that he is David and that they are based in New York.

Is this the end of Daoming Si and Sanchai’s love story? 

Catch these episodes on iwantv.com.ph.

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