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Legazpi Twins want to give showbiz a try

Commercial stars Cassy and Mavy Legazpi want to enter showbiz. Will their parents approve their request?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/14/2014 in News
Legazpi Twins want to give showbiz a try

Thirteen-year-old twins Cassy and Mavy Legazpi, children of Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi, have a lot of commercials airing on TV now, making them the most familiar faces in the advertising world.

Would they want to enter showbiz for good? 
According to the interview of push.com, the twins want to give showbiz a try.
“I would like to try, but of course I have to ask my parents first. I would like to try it,” Mavy says.

Cassy, on the other hand, shares that she asked permission from her mother but she disapproved her request.
“I want to be in showbiz," she states. "(But) My mom said 'no.'”
The two understand their parent’s decision. Carmina and Zoren want the twins to focus on their studies. However, the two confirmed that they are still  open to other projects  as long as it would not affect their 

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