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Jericho Rosales, Angel Locsin separation affects son

The episode with a hashtag of #TLWTheSplit showed that Adrian (Jericho Rosales) and Monica’s (Angel Locsin) decision to take a break from their relationship has affected their child. How should this

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/14/2014 in News
Jericho Rosales, Angel Locsin separation affects son

Adrian (Jericho Rosales) punched Max (JC De Vera) in the face after a heated conversation ensued between them which all started when Adrian caught Max and Monica (Angel Locsin) eating out together. Monica told Adrian not accuse her of doing what he did to her.

Moreover, Monica and Adrian’s decision to temporarily live apart brought a negative effect on their child Bunjoy (Gabriel Sumalde). According to his teacher, Bunjoy now gets into a fight and becomes less participative in class from being friendly and active in class.  

Adrian, saddened by the news, frequented bars and would always go home drunk.

Meanwhile, Nicole (Maja Salvador), upon learning that Adrian and Monica temporarily broke up, entertained the thought of her revealing to Adrian that she is pregnant with their child.

She then followed Adrian on his mother’s home. However, Sandra (Maria Isabel Lopez) saw and told her to stay away from Adrian so he could get back from his family.

Tonight on “The Legal Wife,” Nicole will insist on informing Adrian about her condition, while Bunjoy will continue throwing tantrums.


Catch the full episode on iWantv.com.ph.

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