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The secret task of 'PBB' nominees Chevin, Maris, Loisa

#PBBAllIna episode was about the chance given by Kuya to three of the housemate's mothers to secretly "serve" the housemates with the help of Chevin, Maris and Loisa.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/13/2014 in News
The secret task of 'PBB' nominees Chevin, Maris, Loisa

Last night, May 12, on “PBB: All In,” three of the housemates’ mothers such as Mommy Gi (Manolo’s mother), Mommy Theresa (Vickie’s mother), and Mommy Fe (Joshua’s mother) were given a special task—that is to clean the boys’ and girls’ room in exchange of seeing their respective children without informing their children. 

However, the nominees for eviction such as Chevin, Maris, and Loisa should make it a point that their fellow housemates must not see the mothers otherwise 50% of their weekly budget will be omitted from them and the mothers will not be able to see their children.

Chevin, Maris, and Loisa planned that Maris would be the look-out for the mothers, while Loisa and Chevin will distract the housemates on the poolside and “beach area” as they rehearse for their weekly which is to make three different video that will be uploaded on the internet. The videos must have 1 Million viewers.

The mothers succeeded with their task. But their task is not yet over. Tonight, Mommy Fe must cook dinner for the housemates, again without informing Chevin, Maris, and Loisa’s fellow housemates. Will they succeed? Find out tonight after “Aquino and Abunda Tonight.”

Have you missed this episode? Watch it here

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