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Gretchen Barretto says Claudine is 'hallucinating'

Gretchen Barretto defends herself against accusations sister Claudine threw her way in a recent interview.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/13/2014 in News
Gretchen Barretto says Claudine is 'hallucinating'

After numerous accusations were hurled against Gretchen Barretto by sister Claudine in the latter's "Buzz Ng Bayan" interview, the beautiful actress negated everything Claudine said in a statement sent from Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
“How do I debate with one who is clearly hallucinating and is under the influence of drugs and is suffering from severe mental illness.”
She further adds, “I am not the one who would utter those words such as ‘baboy,’ ‘lechon,’ ‘laos,’ at magpakamatay ka na.’"

During the taped interview of Claudine with Boy Abunda, the younger Barretto called Gretchen a heartless one. She even said that Gretchen uttered offensive words to her.

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