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#ThrowbackStars: Remember the 'Pinoy Big Brother' Season 1 housemates?

“Pinoy Big Brother All-In Edition” is TVlandia's current talk of the town. But, do you remember the first batch of housemates that entered Big Brother’s House?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/1/2014 in News
#ThrowbackStars: Remember the 'Pinoy Big Brother' Season 1 housemates?
Nine years after the phenomenal first season of "Pinoy Big Brother (PBB)" premiered, the hit reality show continues to dominate TVlandia. Recently, it opened its newest season "PBB All-In," which is creating a stir in local TV.

Let's now take a quick look to where it all started - 2005, when the PBB first opened its doors to these 13 housemates.

Frederick "Rico" Barrera was the first one to be evicted from House for violating a lot of house rules. He stayed in the house for 21 days. Almost instantly, he nabbed acting engagements left and right. His most recent project was “Apoy sa Dagat.”
Jennifer "Jenny" Suico was the second one to go, and the first one to voluntarily exit after 28 days of her stay inside the house. At that time, she needed to take care of her foster father who was in critical condition. Eventually, she returned on the 56th Day because of the new twist called "The Big Switch." However, she was evicted on the 84th day.

Joseph Benedict "JB" Aquino Magsaysay is a housemate known to be a distant relative of the late Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay. He was also known to be romantically linked to fellow housemate Say Alonzo. Unfortunately, he was evicted on Day 35. Many of the fans of the show found JB as "presko."
Racquel Acosta Reyes - She was known among housemates as “Mommy/ Teacher Racquel” because she was a teacher before she entered the Big Brother’s House. But, she went out of the house after being evicted on Day 49.

Jun Bob Dela Cruz - Though he never violated rules and regulations of Big Brother, he was forcibly evicted on Day 51 after being hospitalized due to heart ailment. He was given a chance to go back at the House with the condition of returning after 24 hours, but he did not make it.
Chiqui Llamaso "Chx" Alcala - She was romantically linked to Sam Milby when they were inside the house. She may be liberated but it was due to violating one of the rules of Big Brother, Chx got automatically nominated and evicted on Day 63.
Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby. Before entering the PBB house, Sam was known as a commercial model that entered the House after Jenny left. He was linked to his fellow housemate Chx and wrote the song “Magmahal Muli,” with Say. He was evicted on Day 77. Now, he is one of the ABS-CBN's leading men. He  is the most successful housemate of this season.
Franzen Macaraig Fajardo Although he got nominated a lot of times for his violations, he still remained inside the house until Day 91 because of his popularity to audience. However, he was forced evicted because of a grave violation. His funny antics made him instantly land roles and hosting gigs after PBB.

Sherylle Ann "Say" Alonzo Yutadco is the last evictee of the season. She exited the house on Day 105. Outside the house, Say pursued her acting career in showbiz.
Uma Barum Khouny is a half-Arab, half-Filipino. Even though Uma is straightforward and frank, he never got nominated all sthroughout the season. He won as the fourth Big Placer of the season. He hosted several programs on ABS-CBN.
Lejanie Palma Anigan, also known as Cassandra Ponti. She was a model of a prestigious men magazine before she entered the House. Cass won as the Third Big Placer. She then played character roles on TV after her PBB stint. 
Jason Gainza was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) before entering the House. He tested his chance of becoming the first Big Winner but landed as the second Big Placer instead. But, Jason pursued his showbiz career by being a comedian. And now, he is a mainstay in “Banana Split” and sitcom “Home Sweetie Home.”
Jennivev "Nene" Santillan Tamayo was the first housemate to be crowned as the Big Winner after spending 112 days inside Big Brother’s House. Nene was known as “Kumander Nene” inside the House because of her background in the military. Her toughness and perseverance made her worthy of becoming the first Big Winner.
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