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On Cam: Bugoy Carino fathers 7 younger siblings

Julia Barretto shows her true colors, while Sam Milby is mad at Anne Curtis.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/30/2014 in News
On Cam: Bugoy Carino fathers 7 younger siblings

Child actor Bugoy Cariño will topbill ABS-CBN’s “Maalaala Mo Kaya” this Saturday, May 3, to portray the character of Jose, an eight-year-old boy who stands as a parent to his seven younger siblings after their mother and father abandoned them.
Joining Bugoy in the upcoming heavy drama episode of “MMK” are Izzy Canillo, JB Agustin, CX Navarro, Desiree del Valle, Ian de Leon, Perla Bautista and Beverly Salviejo. It is directed by Nuel Naval, written by Joan Habana and Arah Jell Badayos, and researched by Richard Nepomuceno.
Julia Barretto lives a new life
After learning that the mystical flower bore by her mother’s sculpture could bring her beauty, Mira (Julia Barretto) became more confident about herself. But other than gaining confidence, she will also learn that it was Iris (Mika dela Cruz) who uploaded her video on the internet, which will cause Iris to be reprimanded by their school. Is this is end of Mira’s sufferings? Find out this afternoon at 5:45 PM.
Sam Milby hates Anne Curtis
Liro (Sam Milby), who has a deep abhorrence toward humans after the brainwashing made by their Queen Dyangga (Eula Valdez), was disheartened when he learned that the woman he loves, Dyesebel, is an offspring of a human.
Liro’s disappointment will be noticed by Queen Dyangga’s camp which will eventually lead them to knowing Dyesebel’s secret.

How grave will be the damage? Watch out tonight after “TV Patrol.”
Kim Chiu gets married to whom?
Although Isabelle (Kim Chiu) insists that she does not want to marry Franco (Jake Cuenca), her father Gonzalo (John Estrada) will still pursue his plan of having the two married. Isabelle’s only way of escaping her father’s manipulative hands is to run away with her true love Samuel (Coco Martin).
Despite the conflict, a wedding plan will still be pushed and resumed. The bride of course, will be Isabelle, but who will be her groom? Is it Samuel or Franco? Find out tonight after “Dyesebel.”

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