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On Cam: The real beauty of Mirabella

Will Mira (Julia Barretto) believe Terrence (Sam Concepcion) once again?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/25/2014 in News
On Cam: The real beauty of Mirabella

After being hailed as the freakiest in the freak show, Mira (Julia Barretto) recalled all the "fake" kindness Terrence (Sam Concepcion) has shown her. Mira poured her anguish to the bust sculpture made by her mother, suddenly her wood-like skin dramatically changed. She turned into a very beautiful young woman.

For today’s episode of “Mirabella,” Jeremy (Enrique Gil) will be sent away from their house after defending Mira. And just when Mira thought that Terrence’s group had done enough to bully her, Iris (Mika dela Cruz) will create another prank for Mira. Catch it later at 5:45 PM.

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