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On Cam: Julia Barretto named 'freakiest' of the freak show

The heartbreaking scene in “Mirabella” yesterday with a hashtag of #MirabellaTheFreakShow pinched Netizens hearts as it became Twitter’s number one trending topic in the Philippines and landed on the

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/24/2014 in News
On Cam: Julia Barretto named 'freakiest' of the freak show

Yesterday on “Mirabella,” Just when Mira (Julia Barretto) thought Terrence (Sam Concepcion) has sincere intention of befriending her despite her wood-like skin, Terrence, on the other hand, only invited her on the pseudo-masquerade ball because he, along with his friends agreed to bring an ugly date with them. Terrence, alarmed that their barkadas' plan will go out of hand, asked Mira to leave the event.  However, his warning came too late.

It turns out that the Ball Night was actually a freak show prank for Mira staged by Iris (Mika Dela Cruz). Mira was pushed in front of stage and became the target of water guns.

The humiliated Mira tearfully ran away from the event.

For the April 24 of “Mirabella,” Mira will cry herself with the sculpture made her deceased mother. Will the much-awaited transformation happen on this episode? Will Terrence have a change of heart for Mira?

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