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In Love: BiCol turns Japanese

How did BiCol spread love in Japan?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/24/2014 in News
In Love: BiCol turns Japanese

It seems that not only the Cherry Blossoms bloomed, but also the relationship of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia as they post sweet photos of their Japan vacation on their Instagram accounts.
Last April 21, “Showtime” host Billy posted on his Instagram account (billyjoecrawford) a photo with Coleen playing with snow and captioned it with: “You really get to know a person when you travel with them. And I thank God for you @coleengarcia. Thank you, Lord, for the blessings, and for the amazing time given to us. #fujibustourthebest hahahaha :))))”
Yesterday, April 23, the actor-host posted another photo on his Instagram account (billyjoecrawford). Billy captioned it with: “What a wonderful vacation. Great food, good company, lovely lady:), what more can I ask for? Nothin! Hate it or love it, it's what God gave me. And I am thankful. #japanforthewin.”
Meanwhile, Coleen posted a photo with Billy and their friends on her Instagram account (coleengarcia) last April 21 and she captioned it with: “Fun fun trip with these fun people 😊 Ski day the other day! Loved it so much!!! So thrilling! 🗻🎿 Thank you for being a patient teacher to a clumsy person @billyjoecrawford.”

Yesterday, April 23, she posted another photo on her Instagram account (coleengarcia). Coleen captioned it with: “Earlier today. #DisneySea with the group! The entire park is so visually magnificent 😊 It's impressive how detailed and well-built everything is. I certainly enjoyed and appreciated that aspect of it! 👍”
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