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Mommy Dionesia: ‘Star of the Night’

Even though Manny Pacquiao snatched his title back from Timothy Bradley Jr., Mommy Dionesia easily took the spotlight away from her son. Why? Read on.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/14/2014 in News
Mommy Dionesia: ‘Star of the Night’

Yesterday, April 13 (Philippine time) at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, during the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr., Pacman’s mother was seen cheering for her son at the ringside.

As Mommy Dionesia cheers for her son, she was also seen praying and holding a rosary, but commentators and netizens speculate that she is putting a curse on Pacman’s opponent, Bradley.

Meanwhile, as the fight goes on, the hashtag “Mommy D” hits the top spot as it trended worldwide.

A major American newspaper, “USA Today” even declared Mommy Dionesia as “the star of the night.”

Here are some comments from the netizens.

On Twitter:

@poisonaivy__ says: “Pacquiao's mom doing... something. 😂😂😂 https://vine.co/v/MJb5ixdWUl9”

@kaclittle says: “Pacquiao's mom was doing voodoo stuff on the side 😂😂 had tarot cards or something

@gifdsports says: “Manny Pacquiao's mom shows Timothy Bradley some love after fight GIF #PacquiaoBradley2 https://bit.ly/1ewmD9U”

@maestrogamin says: “pacquiao's mom to Bradley after the fight, "look, I want you to know I put a hex on you but we're cool OK..." hugs.”

@FullthrottleUYR says: “Pacquiao mom Voodoo messed up Bradley leg... They need a rematch! Lol”

@_ILLumiiinate says: “Pacquiao’s mom Is a voodoo priestess 😂

@JRSportBrief says: “Pacquiao's mom needs to attend every major sporting event.”

@InHisShadow_08 says: “Congratulations, Manny and mommy D! 100 bucks says Bradley was more scared of Mommy D than PacMan.”

@dominicllaga says: “Congrats, Manny! I think Mommy D forgot to take her meds though. lol #pinoypride.”

@ronnel_astig says: “Mommy D. was a former  prof in Hogwarts beacuse of her dark spell in cursing Bradley.”
@Bballforeverfb says: “I want Manny's mom to cheer me on when I take tests at school. #MannyVsBradley2.”
@DaveEduardo_ says:
“Pacquiao's mom really stole the show though.”
@cecillereyesss  says: “I can watch this all day! Hahahaha parang sinusumpa lang si Bradley! You're the best, Mommy D!!!😂😂😂”
@micohalili says: “I have Mommy D winning by unanimous decision.”
@bigbadbawang says: “Di ko kinakaya si Mommy D! What kind of prayers/vexations is she saying?!? LOL with matching 2fingers pointing! pic.twitter.com/hh6TnZ5irI”
‏@dudeinterrupted  says: “Hilarity! Mommy D looks like she was casting a magic spell on Bradley. Witch esque! #PacquiaoBradley2”
Although some assumed that Mommy Dionesia put a hex on Timothy, Pacman’s mother hugged his son’s opponent after the fight showing true sportsmanship.
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