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Manny Pacquiao earns over $100K per punch?

Manny Pacquaio’s victory did not just include snatching back the WBO Welterweight Title and defeating Timothy Bradley, but also earning him $100K per punch.

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/14/2014 in News
Manny Pacquiao earns over $100K per punch?

Yesterday, April 13, Manny Pacquiao defeated Timothy Bradley Jr. for the WBO Welterweight title and earned $20 million.
The boxing champ got $101,010 for each of the 198 punches that landed.
According to Compubox, Pacman had 198 out of 563 punches during the fight while Bradley had 141 out of his 627 attempts against Manny.
The boxing champ’s $20 million may still go up depending on the pay-per-view sales.
Meanwhile, Manny still has to settle a P2.2-billion tax case with the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines.

On the other hand, Manny's wife Jinkee Pacquiao wants the boxer to quit. Why? Read here.

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