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Fans prefer Terrence for Mirabella

Julia Baretto is a perfect fit for Enrique Gil or Sam Concepcion?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/1/2014 in News
Fans prefer Terrence for Mirabella

The fans have spoken and they want Terrence (Sam Concepcion) to win Mirabella’s (Julia Barretto) heart.
The fight was quite close as Terrence garnered a total percentage vote of 55.18% while Jeremy (Enrique Gil) has earned 44.82%.
Here are some of the comments on why Terrence deserves to win Mirabella’s heart.

“Team Terrence! Bad boy + Good Girl = Perfect story and perfect twist. Sam Concepcion ♥ Julia Barretto all the way! #SamLia #Mirrence ♥ ♥ ♥” - miazakigurl
“No hate! I like them both, but I'll go for the one who has my heart :) :) Team Terrence :) Sam!” - mjdayta
“sam concepcion/terrence laurel is the perfect for Julia barretto/Mira bella. una palang alam ko maiiba din sa ending ang team up. dahil mapupunta kay samC. dahil bagay namn talga si sam at julia. they look a ricoyan and claudineB. c enrique kasi mas bagay sa kanya si julia montes or liza soberano. and enrique is typical 2nd leading man like diether ocampo. hehe i love quen too.” - ShaynMD
“Of course... terrence laurel!!! He’s perfect for juliaB. they are the young generation of Rico yan and claudine barretto. :) #nohaters!” - Steffany Del fuego
"Small steps, big steps... It doesn't matter as long as you're moving forward to your dreams. Stay consistent, stay committed." ----> Team Terrence.” - aj asuncion

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