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Top 5: (Not really) Made in the Philippines

Every now and then, the public is gifted with special movies that, aside from showcasing heartwarming Filipino stories, give us a special opportunity to “visit” different territories outside of the P

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/31/2014 in News
Top 5: (Not really) Made in the Philippines

By Lista Macuja
Producing a local film with location outside the country entails a hefty amount, but sometimes, for special occasions, the producer takes risks to do this for the benefit of the audience.
These are some of the most memorable movies, partly shot abroad:
1.     “Sana Maulit Muli” (1995, Aga Muhlach and Lea Salonga, US)
This Aga-Lea starrer is undeniably one of the most unforgettable love stories in local movie history. Directed by Olive Lamasan, this movie is considered a modern classic.
The success of this film, Aga and Lea’s second outing, proved the bankability of their partnership. The movie tackles the story of two lovers who had to separate because of their dreams. And, how they found their way back to each other’s home.
Here is one of the unforgettable scenes of the movie:
Lea: So let’s drink and get married …
Aga: Ano?
Lea: Let’s get married babes …
Aga: Babalik na ko sa Pilipinas …
Lea: Bakit? Ako ba Gerry?
Aga: Hindi …
Lea: Is it because I’ve changed?
Aga: No … natutunan ko nang tanggapin yun … Natutuwa nga ako because my baby has grown up …
Lea: Mahal kita babes …
Aga: Mahal na mahal din kita babes …
Lea: Bakit mo ko sinasaktan …
Aga: Babes mas nasasaktan ako …
Lea: Huwag mo ako iwan …
Aga: Kailangan eh … hindi naman dahil sa iyo kung hindi dahil din sa akin … pero hindi naman lahat ito para sa akin kung hindi para din sa iyo babes … kahit ilang beses tayo magpaalam sa isa’t isa tandaan mo palagi na wala akong minahal at wala rin ako sigurong mamahalin tulad ng pagmamahal na ibinigay ko sa iyo babes …
2.     “Milan” (2004, Claudine Baretto and Piolo Pascual, Italy)
The movie established Piolo and Claudine as two of the most talented actors of their generation. Also directed by Olive Lamasan, the movie enjoyed both critical and commercial success.
Claudine and Piolo exhibited their dramatic prowess in this scene:
Claudine: Hindi pala naibibigay ang kaligayan, hindi ito nahahanap sa ibang tao oh sa isang lugar, nasa sa iyo yun. Ikaw mismo ang makakahanap at makakapagbigay nun sa sarili mo …
Piolo: Pero Jenny …
Claudine: Hindi ko kayang punuan lahat ng pagkukulang mo Leo, dahil meron din akong sariling pagkukulang na kailangan kong punuan …
Piolo: Jenny mahal kita …
Claudine: Mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako? … Oh kailangan mo ako kaya mahal mo ako? … Kasi yun din ang ramdam ko sa sarili ko Leo eh … Hangga’t di mo alam ang sagot, siguro nga mas mabuting ganito muna tayo …
Months later…
Piolo: Uuwi ka daw? … Mahal kita at kailangan kita Jenny, yun ang kaya kong isagot.

3.     “Caregiver” (2008, Sharon Cuneta, London)
“Caregiver” is a memorable Sharon Cuneta film because it is one of the few movies that she allowed to be deglamorized. This is also the first time that Sharon worked with master director Chito Rono.
The movie depicted the highs and lows of being outside your homeland, and without your family to take care of sick, old people, as described in this conversation between Sarah (Sharon) and Mr. Morgan, her patient:
Sharon (sarah): "With due respect, Mr. Morgan, if you're not happy with my services, you can replace me. If you want to lay down here and look miserable, then it’s your choice."

Mr. Morgan: "How dare you talk to me like that?"

Sharon (sarah): "You dont't have any idea on what I've had to give up to get this job. I have to leave my son back home, but I'm doing this for him because I want him to be somebody. I care about my job, Sir. I care about you. I don't deserve to be treated this way." 
4.     “In The Name of Love” (2011, Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach, Japan)
The initial publicity of this movie centered on Angel Locsin’s sensual pole dancing. However, upon seeing the movie, people instantly praised the movie for its bold theme, and for the actors’ brilliant performances.
This movie gave numerous awards to both Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach. “In The Name of Love” also received a number of Best Picture Awards.
5.     “Dubai” (2005, Aga Muhlach, John Lloyd Cruz and Claudine Baretto, Dubai)
Casting coup is one way to describe “Dubai” because three of the biggest stars of Star Cinema were tapped to be in this landmark project.
“Dubai,” unlike other movies, also chose to center itself with the relationship of brothers Raffy (Aga) and Andrew (John Lloyd), and how they fell in love with the same woman Faye (Claudine).
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